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PKU Foods Found Locally

I am trying to compile a listing of foods found in our local grocery stores across Canada.  Please help others by sharing your specials finds!  You can email me at  with products to be added to the list

Bulk Barn

El Peto brand

Duinkerken brand

Pane Riso brand (Canbrands/Kingsmill)

Bulk Barn - locations across Canada


Rich's Rich Whip


Chapman's Ice Cream


Puffs per 7 grams
Sweet Potatoes  27mg
Sweet Corn  21mg
Strawberry Apple  26mg
Cherry  23mg
Banana  27mg
Peach  25mg
Apple Cinnamon  27mg
Wagon Wheels per 7 grams
Carrot  23mg
Apple  17 mg
Fruit Juice Snacks
Tropical Juice 2mg per package
Freeze Dried per 1/4 cup
Banana Strawberry  14mg
Banana Pineapple  13mg
Apple  4mg
Crunchies per 7 grams
Veggie Dip  21mg
Mild Cheddar  28mg
Zesty Tomatoes  21 mg
Cereal Bar per bar
Strawberry Banana  26 mg
Apple Cinnamon         29mg per bar

Giant Tiger

Chapman's Ice Cream

Although this product can be found at other locations, I find Giant Tiger to be the cheapest and offer the best selction!  Majority of the flavours are only 0.33 mg PHE/gm, a full listing can be found in the Low Protein Food List by Virginia Schuett

Glutino Products

These items occassionally pop up at various locations.  Please let me know where you have seen this product, products you buy & PHE values.

Glutino Pretzels - 20 sticks = 15 mg PHE

The following is a listing of PHE that was provided as an estimate based on the protein content.  Please verify with your own clinic.

  • Harvest Corn Loaf = 24 mg PHE/slice or 0.70mg PHE/gm
  • Premium Fiber Bread = 39 mg PHE/slice or 1.1 mg PHE/gm
  • Original Crackers = 39 mg PHE/30 gm or 1.29 mg PHE/gm
  • Multigrain Crackers = 38 mg PHE/30 gm or 1.27 mg PHE/gm
  • Vegetable Crackers = 44 mg PHE/30 gm or 1.47 mg PHE/gm
  • Cheddar Crackers = 75.5 mg PHE/30 gm or 2.52 mg PHE/gm
  • Bread Sticks (Pizza & Sesame flavours) = 2mg PHE/stick

Sobeys (Garden Market I.G.A.)

Okanagan's Choice Cheese Slices - 16 slices 29mg PHE/slice

These can be found in the cheese slice section of many Sobeys stores for around $4.79, but unfortunately not all locations.  I have seen the same company cheese blocks in the deli section, but these are NOT low in PHE.

  • Cheddar flavour UPC 59756 00350
  • Swiss flavour UPC 59756 00355
  • Jalapeno flavour UPC 59756 00354


Tastee Apple Chips - Assorted varieties 18 mg PHE/ 90gm bag

I see these in the produce section of Sobey's stores, usually in a basket at the end of a produce rack.


Good Karma Organic Rice Divine - Pints, per 1/2 cup serving  

  • Carrot Cake = 18 mg PHE
  • Banana Fudge = 19 mg PHE
  • Coconut Mango = 19 mg PHE
  • Very Vanilla = 22 mg PHE
  • Mudd Pie = 35 mg PHE
  • Mint Chocolate Swirl = 20 mg PHE

 Good Karma Organic Rice Divine - Chocolate Covered Bars

  • Chocolate Covered Vanilla = 16 mg PHE/bar
  • Chocolate Covered Chocolate = 26 mg PHE/bar


No Name brand Lemon Pudding - 4 individual cups per package 6 mg PHE/serving

Price always seems to vary on these, but they are always cheap!  Great for school lunches and snacks.


Cassava (Yucca) Chips

Turtle Mountain

A PHE listing for their So Delicious and Purley Decadent coconut milk products has been provided by the company here (Excel)


**Important Notice**

The copmpany has recently changed the recipe for their Wheat & Gluten Free products, increasing the protein content to 4gm/protein per serving.  Because of this, these waffles are no more PKU friendly than Eggo brand waffles.


Queen Anne Cordial Cherries - These come out every Christmas season so keep your eyes open for a PKU'er treat!  For a box of 10, they are approx. $2

  • Dark Chocolate = 16 mg PHE each
  • Milk Chocolate = 12 mg PHE each


Enjoy Life Snack Bars - not very low in PHE, but lower than some other products

  • Very Berry Snack Bar - 73 mg PHE/bar
  • Apple Caramel Snack Bar - ? (higher protein content)


Rich's Coffee Rich - finally located this product at local Supercenter in 1L carton for $1.73

Glutino Products - see partial PHE listing under "Glutino" above

Tastee Apple Chips

Misc. Stores

Calgary, AB

  • Amaranth Health Food
  • Planet Organic (Good Life cookies)
  • Community Health

Bulk Barn - locations across Canada

Planet Organic Market - locations across Canada

                                  *IMPORTANT NOTICE*

I have done my best to confirm the accuracy of PHE content for the items listed.  Some products are already listed in the "Low Protein Food List for PKU" by Virginia Schuett, others I have had to hunt down either through the listserv archives or provider has supplied values they use.

If in doubt, please check with your clinic.  Virginia is working on obtaining the values of Glutino & Kinnikinnick products.